About me

About me

Angelika AlbrechtAngelika Albrecht: PR expert, editor, storyteller and image doctor.

As a PR expert, I have been writing and photographing for companies and associations for over 25 years. I get messages across effectively, and I use information and ideas to build texts, reports and stories – both for print and online.

Complex content simple and credible

I am dedicated to reporting in a simple, credible and exciting way about companies, products and processes. So that they are correctly perceived, understood and remembered by the market. Indeed, my brand Ah! Albrecht PR® was derived from the exclamation. “Ah! Now I get it!”

The construction industry is my world: construction companies, construction projects, construction products, supply engineering, building services engineering, drainage and environmental engineering, civil engineering and the construction of buildings.

About me

26 years of PR experience.
Segments: Construction, Construction Materials, Building Services Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Architectural, Civil Engineering.
Scientific background.
5 languages.

Multilingual with a background in natural sciences

I am multilingual with a great love of Europe: Prior to starting in PR, as a graduate mineralogist I was engaged in international scientific research. It was during this period that my love of travel and my foreign language skills were born. I speak German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and a little Dutch.

And what else?

Under the Ah! Albrecht PR® brand, I work as a freelance PR journalist, mostly in Bonn but sometimes also on the road. I see myself as a strategist, problem-solver, image doctor, journalist, copywriter, precision wordsmith, ideas person, translator, conveyor of knowledge, a fixer, contactor, pr-nomad, promoter and storyteller. When I’m not working, I read crime thrillers, write short stories, take photographs, make films and travel.

What I like best, however, is writing stories for companies who want to make their mark.

And, incidentally, I’m easy to recognise – I always wear a hat…or a hard hat.

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